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Alternative YouTube frontend for Android built with Piped

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Watch the latest YouTube Trends based on your region.


Subscribe to channels to never miss out the latest videos of your favorite content creators.


Browse YouTube with the help of various search filters and suggestions as well as a search history.

Video Player

Watch videos with SponsorBlock and many other advanced features like subtitles.


Current State

Now just for early birds, therefore you may encounter issues. If you do, please open an issue via our GitHub repository.


Whether you have ideas, translations, design changes, code cleaning, or real heavy code changes, help is always welcome. The more is done the better it gets! If you're interested in contributing, you can browse the issues or create a new one to discuss your feature idea. Every contribution is very welcome.


You can help translating the app in the language you speak here.

All donations are used towards bringing more features to you and improving the app.

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